Friday, February 18, 2011

Life After Pepsi

Well, to have a blog implies you have stories and ideas and information to share, and truly I believe that is true.  However, we spent three months in pursuit of a Pepsi grant, and without sounding like sour grapes (we came in fifth), let me just say that I hope I never see another Pepsi logo again for the rest of my life.  But, on the happy side of the story, we were surprised and gratified at the energy and support that came in from Twainiacs everywhere.  So, thank you for voting for those THREE LONG MONTHS, and let's enjoy the coming spring with some other beverage... a Coke, perhaps, or water.  Twain compared classic literature to wine and his work to water, saying "...everyone drinks water."  So, water sounds good, and besides, the wine may have been made from sour grapes... 

In our other voting grant, Tourism Cares, we were successful and won $2,000 towards the continued work on the Becky Thatcher House.  And for all those generous souls out there who'd like to see steady progress on this important project, online donations are gladly accepted!

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