Monday, August 1, 2011

Andy Borowitz (hearts) Mark Twain!

Like everyone else, I don't have time to visit everyone's Facebook page to see what they're up to, so I peruse the News Feed and click the "Like" button every so often.  And then there are times when I read something that makes me sit up and take notice.  On Saturday afternoon, I noticed that one of my favorite writers and tweeters, Andy Borowitz, had created a Facebook page for his new book, The 50 Funniest American Writers, published by Library of America.

I checked it out and noticed that Mark Twain is listed.  (Of course, he's listed, but still...!)  The first thing I did was comment, suggesting Andy visit the Mark Twain Museum and do a book signing.  Well, the planets must be lining up, or maybe there's a comet running interference, but the big news is: Andy's coming to Hannibal!  Now, before you reach for your credit card and book a flight to St. Louis, let me just say that it won't be until spring, and we haven't set a date yet.  The book is scheduled to be released Oct. 13, 2011, and Andy will likely be a very busy guy touring and signing.  He's offered to speak at the Museum and do a book signing, and as we arrange the details we'll be getting the word out.

Andy has been a favorite of mine for many years.  His "Shouts and Murmurs" essays in The New Yorker always make me laugh out loud, even on the second and third reading.  And the Borowitz Report would no doubt tickle Twain.  We're eager for the new book, which will include several of my favorite funny guys and gals, such as David Sedaris, Dorothy Parker, and The Onion.  If you like absurdity and satire, this has you covered.  When I share Twain's "How I Edited an Agricultural Paper Once" with teachers during our teacher workshops, this is our emphasis.  I read it out loud and always have to wait for their laughter to subside to continue.  (I keep wondering which of Twain's work Andy included in the book...) 

Andy Borowitz's sublime march towards the ridiculous ensures him a long line of followers, myself included.  I can't wait to work out the details and bring him to Hannibal.  It makes me giggle just to think about it!

UPDATE: The performance is scheduled for April 3, 2012.  Tickets are $65.  Click here for details.
Don't know Andy?  Check out this CBS Sunday Morning story.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Curious about who made the list?  Check out this USA TODAY article that includes "the list."  (Yes, O. Henry's there!)

AND YET ANOTHER UPDATE: The book is now on the New York Times Bestseller List, and NPR has aired a great interview with Andy.  (And yes, they talk about Twain!)

If Andy Borowitz says they're funny, they're funny!
Will be available in the Mark Twain Museum Gift Shop
October 13, 2011. Reserve a copy today!


  1. If Andy Borowitz truly is coming to Hananibal, MO, I WILL BE THERE with bells on!!!!

  2. Okay, folks, we've got a date! Mark your calendars for April 3, 2012. We'll post details soon!

  3. Frannie and FriendsAugust 2, 2011 at 11:58 PM

    Wow! This is almost as exciting as having Mark Twain there in person. We Andy B. fans in St. Louis will be caravanning to Hannibal for this event and can hardly wait!

  4. Frannie and Friends, we can't wait to meet you! Ticket are now on sale.